As part of its effort to “Get more kids fishing, more often,” the Academic Anglers Fishing Team has teamed with businesses, organizations and volunteers from all over Florida and Michigan to provide three fantastic fishing opportunities for children ages 8 to 16.

These Children’s Clinics  take place from March to June, and each provides a day of fishing fun for several hundred kids and their families. The children fishing these events get to catch and keep a couple of fish, they receive a colorful Academic Anglers tee-shirt, and they can KEEP the rod and reel they’re given at the conclusion of the event! Pre-registration is required, and the number of kids per event is limited to sixty participants.

Melbourne, Florida, Detroit, Michigan, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

 Although the fishing clinic is free, parents and/or guardians must register their children to participate.  

Download Registration Form to register for the Fishing  clinic in your area